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Protechtor Secure Computer Housings


An aesthetically pleasing secure enclosure for computers, designed to provide greater security against PC theft.


A device connecting an alarm system (new or existing) to your domestic telephone line, with the ability to contact up to FOUR telephone numbers in the event of an alarm activation. Also allows you to "listen" and "speak into" your house from any telephone anywhere in the world!


A "four-channel" Digital Video Storage System for the new millennium.


Secure Computer Housings

The ProtechTorTM range is a revamped version of the previous "Castle" enclosure units. The range is approved by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) to their LPS 1214, Issue 2, Category 1 Standard, ensuring acceptance by all major insurance companies.

Designed to provide even greater security against PC theft, the ProtechTorTM range ensures further security for the valuable internal components of the computer.

Protechtor Secure Computer Housings

Key Benefits
  • Rear positioned 7 lever "safe lock"" with key release in the locked position only
  • 50,000 key differs, or keyed alike option available upon request
  • Aesthetically pleasing uninhibited design with a durable powder coated paint finish to match most computers
  • Top quality 2mm steel enclosure, designed and tested to provide ample ventilation
  • Easy "authorised" access for upgrades and repair
  • Durable long life. No electronics to fail. No cables which could be cut
  • Approved by all major insurance companies
  • Quick speedy installation with minimum disruption or computer "down-time"
Cable Kits

Security Cable Kits

A range of Cable Kits are
available to secure
a variety of items

Standard Cable Kits

These are used for securing low cost devices where an enclosure has not been fitted at a convenient point to the equipment.

The Standard Cable Kit consists of a length of cable (various lengths), two neoprene brackets and a padlock.

One bracket is secured to the machine, and the other bracket is secured to some substantial piece of furniture. The cable is threaded through the brackets and secured with the padlock. This cable can also be secured to a wall or floor by means of an eyebolt.

9mm Cable Kits

These are supplied for higher cost machines where there is no possibility of using an enclosure unit. For example, colour photocopiers, awkward sized/shaped file servers or some scanners etc.

The 9mm Cable Kit consists of a length of 9mm cable, two neoprene brackets and a high security padlock.

These Cable Kits can be secured to a desk or can also be bolted to a solid wall or floor by means of an eyebolt.

These Cable Kits offers the highest level of security of all the cable sizes and do help prevent theft of the complete machine. However, Cable Kits cannot offer the same protection against internal component theft as an Enclosure Unit.

SSAIB Approved Installer

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