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An aesthetically pleasing secure enclosure for computers, designed to provide greater security against PC theft.


A device connecting an alarm system (new or existing) to your domestic telephone line, with the ability to contact up to FOUR telephone numbers in the event of an alarm activation. Also allows you to "listen" and "speak into" your house from any telephone anywhere in the world!


A "four-channel" Digital Video Storage System for the new millennium.

VocaliserTM Speech Dialer

What happens when your alarm bell rings?

The simple answer in many cases in absolutely nothing!

When you have gone to the trouble and expense of installing a "state of the art" intruder alarm system, why should you have to rely on neighbours or passers-by to notify the Police?

How many times have you heard an alarm and done nothing about it, assuming that somebody else will call the Police?

Portcullis Security Systems - Burglar
You cannot leave the protection of your home and family to chance!

To overcome the uncertainty of what actually happens when your alarm is activated...we are proud to announce THE solution to your problem...

VocaliserTM Speech Dialer

Key Benefits
  • The VocaliserTM has the ability to contact you and up to three other people when your alarm is activated (including any mobile numbers)
  • An easy to use "listen-in" facility allows you to silently monitor your property wherever you may be. An added two-way speech feature also enables you to speak into the property through discreetly placed speakers
  • Automatic 15 second "sound bite" recording for possible forensic evidence
  • Provide a much higher chance of catching burglars red-handed
  • The VocaliserTM is simply connected to your new or existing alarm system and telephone line

SSAIB Approved Installer

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