Tips to preserve your artwork at time of shipping

Only artists know the stress of protecting their artwork while shipping it. It is important for the sender to have the knowledge of wrapping their artwork and make them ready for any kind of handling situation. Make sure the wrapping is tight and perfect before it is shipped. If you don’t know how to wrap the artwork safely in a shipping package, you can get an advice from the art shippers, who are expert in their field and can do a better job.
The tips/techniques to protect the artwork frames are:
The painter’s tape works wonders for the artwork/picture frames duringe the delivery process. Place the tape at the front of the frame, so, in case if the glass frame shatters during the delivery, the glass will attack to the sticky tape instead of damaging the artwork frame. You must choose the right type of tape, as some are expensive and leave a stain mark on the glass. The tape should be fixed in the pattern of grid. Avoid this step if it is a Plexiglas.


Next step is to wrap your artwork in bubble wrap. The bubbles on the wrap should face upwards. Wrap the artwork so no part of the work is visible. Tape the sides so the bubble wrap is sealed.

You can also use plastic/poly instead of bubble wrap. The corner covers will protect the frames. It is perfect if the crate is fit to the artwork. This technique is mostly used by the professional art shippers.

Delivering the small frame in cardboard box is better. The box must be loose enough to fix the cushion. Foam can be used for the cushioning purpose. Or the crumbled paper can be used.

Every delivery company has their own shipping fee, be sure if it meets your budget. Many companies also provide the suitable custom made boxes for such artwork, but they can be very expensive.


Many delivery companies have the option, so you can clearly state the type of package, e.g. the packages with the title “fragile”, “delicate”, etc. are handled with a lot of carefulness/caution.
Frames are a very important part of your artwork. The good frame will put the focus on your artwork. Protection is the main use of the frame and the next aim is to show and present your artwork, so every kind of frame will fill its purpose whether it is cheap or expensive. Many types of framing