Nourishment for Your Skin from the Rainforest

Have you looked at the ingredients in your skin care products lately?  Most likely there is a long list of chemicals, preservatives and synthetic agents which you are putting on your skin every day.  Cosmetic manufacturers can use almost any raw materials and are not accountable to the Food and Drug Administration for products put on the market.  While many of us tend to think that these products are “just” on our skin, the truth is that our skin is very efficient at absorbing the products we use.  In fact, skin isto the body’s largest organ, making up about 16% of one’s body weight, and performing many duties for the rest of the body.   Skin is a living, breathing organ that constantly regenerates itself. The question to ask yourself is, “Do I want to feed this organ with synthetics and chemicals or with natural, organic ingredients?”



Amazon Herb Company has created a nourishing and healthy option for those of you who would prefer to care for your skin more naturally.  Rain, or lluvia, is the vital essence and life force of the Rainforest.  Water is also a vital source for all living things and makes up over 70% of the human body. It is easy to understand why many symptoms of aging are associated with a slow dehydration of our vital tissue, including our skin. The Lluvia Skin Renewal System captures the essence of the concentrated life energy of the Rainforest to renew the health and vitality of your skin.  This skin care line has created a new standard in natural skin care therapy.

All ingredients in Lluvia products are 100% organic, natural and wild-crafted. Wild-crafted botanicals are beneficial because they are harvested wild in their natural environment and are picked by hand in an ecologically-sustainable manner.  Pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are never used.

The Lluvia Skin Renewal System consists of six products designed to work synergistically for the benefit of your skin and whole body.  Products are easy to customize by adjusting how much of each product you use.


Botanical Facial Cleaners

  • Gently removes dirt, excess oil and makeup without harmful foaming agents.
  • Maintains the skin’s natural pH balance and cleans without stripping