Protecting Yourself From Cyber Stalking

Computers and the internet have become the new way of communicating. Everyone and their dog has some sort of device that connects online, be it a cell phone or the traditional computer. With the rise of use, so too comes the rise of cyber crimes. One such crime is cyber stalking and with all the instant messaging programs and ways to become more social online, a person using this technology is opening themselves ups to a danger that wasn’t around 10 years ago.

To understand what is going on and how to protect yourself it is important to first know what is cyber stalking?

Cyberstalking is criminal harassments by electronic messaging. This can be in the form of e-mails, instant messages, message boards, forums or social groups. The criminal relies on the internet as a form of keeping their own identity secretive so as not to be pursued for the criminal behaviours. This is not the same as spam messages, as the messages received by the stalker are often threatening; whereas, the spammer just sends annoying messages. In worse case scenarios, this cyber stalking is simply a transgression from real life stalking. Unfortunately, it can also go the opposite way, where a cyber stalker goes from being one on the internet to a stalker in real life, using the information they have harvested about the victim online.

How can you keep yourself safe and protected from cyber stalking?

One such way is using their own game against them. By remaining anonymous yourself in your online endeavours you can protect yourself from potential dangers.

Use anonymous email handlers. This means sites like Google, Yahoo and Hotmail, where anyone can get an email account by providing very limited information. Only use your ISP provided account to communicate with those you know and trust.

Do not add information to online profiles. This means no pictures, information or anything. Keep your screen names to ones that are not gender related to even protect the truth of your gender.

If you would like to test and see how secure your own personal online prescience is, you can always opt for a online risk assessment. This test can determine how anonymous and protected you are making yourself. It can show you where you are slacking in your efforts to keep yourself and your identity safe and secure and show you the areas that you are doing things correctly in. They can do various searches online to see what is brought up in regards to yourself and your identity.

For a minimal fee you can provide yourself with the peace of mind that knowing you are unknown to cyber criminals and cyberstalkers.

A word of caution though, when protecting yourself from cyber criminals ensure you are not just handing your information over to one when you get a online risk assessment done. Do your due diligence and learn about the company and the people behind it. You do not want to risk everything in the process of trying to protect yourself from cyber stalking and cyber crimes.